What to do on holiday in Les Gets without ski lifts this winter?

We discovered this year, more than ever, the resort of Les Gets is so much more than a ski resort. The ski lifts were closed during Xmas and NY weeks and for the moment in January as well, but holidaymakers enjoyed the mountain in a different way, as it has so much to offer other than just traditional alpine skiing.
13 January 2021

Ski touring, beautiful weather on Mont-Chéry - Les Gets

Another beautiful day to start 2021 with excellent for ski touring on the Mont-Chéry side today : amazing snow, cool temperatures ( -5 to - 2 degrees C) sun and blue sky. Nature treats us with its most beautiful colours!
07 January 2021

Christmas spirit in the village - Les Gets

As you already know, Father Christmas lives in Les Gets. Last night, he came down from his hut on the shores of the Lake to meet the holidaymakers in his horse-drawn carriage and accompanied by his faithful elves. An incredible snowfall since yesterday afternoon adds to the magical atmosphere of Christmas, covering the village in its most beautiful white coat.
25 December 2020

A Wonderful atmosphere for Xmas in Les Gets - Photos taken yesterday evening

It is such a joy to see the village of Les Gets when the first guests arrive for the Christmas holidays! Food tastings in the street, ice rink, illuminated decorations, shopping... a beautiful atmosphere for the enjoyment of all.
20 December 2020

Ski-touring on The Chavannes - Les Gets - Snow pictures from today

Mark went to a ski-touring hike this afternoon on Chavannes side and he took some beautiful pictures. Fresh white snow, sunshine, blue sky and peace.
13 December 2020

Les Gets, ready to welcome you for Xmas & NY even without lifts

The ski lifts in Les Gets will be closed for Christmas and New Year holidays, however, there will be plenty of activities other than skiing.
The mountains are a beautiful playground for all family members and Christmas is so special in Les Gets with beautiful snow-covered landscapes, a lovely atmosphere all around the village and festive meals in your chalet.
10 December 2020

Fresh snow overnight in Les Gets - Snow pictures

Instead of the 4 centimetres of snow announced, more than 25 centimetres of snow fell overnight on the resort of Les Gets. Flakes around the size of ping-pong balls filled the sky in a lovely and beautiful dance. This morning, Les Gets is an enchanted white paradise.
05 December 2020

Why Les Gets is the perfect place for relaxation

In this article, we will see why the resort of Les Gets is an ideal holiday destination for a relaxing stay. The activities, the amazing landscapes, the traditional village, the quality of the food and the kindness of the inhabitants, everything leads to a delightful stay.
14 November 2020

First Snow - 20cm this morning on the Chavannes Side

Fresh snow fell overnight and more is forecast tonight. We took a walk to the top of the Chavannes Express this morning, there was as much as 20cm ( 8 inches) of snow. George was having a great time rolling in the new snow.
26 September 2020

Coronavirus - How to choose a safe ski resort

At this time of year, most of us who typically take a ski holiday will be reading through the various resort and operator web sites to plan their winter holiday.

A holiday in the mountains could potentially be one of the safest places to go, however, Covid-19 presents another challenge and another series of questions. The purpose of this article is to discuss the key point and to suggest what might be the best resorts to go to.
11 August 2020

Les Gets - Summer holidays with a member of Chalets1066 team

Having worked for Chalets 1066 for almost 2 years, Morgane finally persuaded her parents and sisters to take a week’s summer holiday with her in Les Gets. This article was created to show what they did each day.
19 July 2020

Hiking up Pointe de Ressachaux - Les Gets

A good half day hike was spent, wonderful views over Morzine and also to Mont Blanc
18 July 2020