Skiing on Mont Chery - Les Gets - Everything you need to know


The picture on the right is the view of the Chavannes side from Mont Chery.   This was taken from the side of the Belvedere Restaurant. If you look hard, you can see many of our chalets.

Mont Chery is a smaller ski area than the Chavannes side, but it is always quieter and has some of the best piste restaurants. 

We shouldn't really be telling you this, because there are a lot of locals that want to keep this mountain a secret, but Mont Chery in Les Gets is an absolute gem of a ski area!

The picture below, on the left side, is of Mont Chery, taken from the Chavannes side.

Now you will probably be reaching for your piste maps right about now, and will say to yourselves hang on a minute, there are 4 blacks, 4 reds and only 1 blue.  Not a great day out for the kids or debutant skiers, but that's where you'd be wrong. This very fact means that the mountain is virtually deserted, which is not a bad thing at half term.

Mont Chery also has some of our favourite restaurants/cafes in Les Gets and at the bottom of this page you will read more about them - and their special events.

The red runs on the face of Chery (the Chamois and Epervier) are extremely wide, basically merging into one piste and not too steep.  You can easily traverse these slopes whilst slowly descending , but even better there is a hidden groomed cat track bypassing these runs and it is a sheer joy to bimble along this track as it is in my opinion a green/blue. To get to this, you take the chair lift TS De La Pointe.   At the top go left off the chair and STAY on the ridge.  As you travel along keep a close eye out for a red pole on the left, this is the start of the track (about 300 meters along) . You need to stay on this track,  otherwise you will end up on the red run, so keep eyes peeled as the track turns right. It speeds up a bit here and then you will reach a T junction, now turn left.  This next bit is fantastic as the track flattens right out and there is a great view of the village below you will end up back at the same chairlift.  Guarantee you will do it again!

Now the red at the back (The Marmottes) is a really steep red and is a different story .......or is it? Again there is a hidden groomed cat track missing out the really steep bit at the back of this red. To get to it take the same chairlift and again the same ridge but instead of going left stay straight.   You will reach the top of the Marmottes red which will be to your right, GO STRAIGHT! and you will hit the track.  At the end of this track you will now find yourselves on the easy bit of the red.  Again go straight, don't take the left piste, and you can have a bit of fun here because the black run joins the red one and there are 4/5 black markers on the piste . The piste here is as flat as a pancake but you can take a selfie with the black markers behind you as if you have just nailed the black. Take the chairlift Chery Nord back over the black and you'll find yourself on the ridge again.

The front of Mont Chery is south facing and when the sun shines this is the place to be. Get yourselves up to the Grande Ourse restaurant right beside the blue piste, which is a  lovely restaurant with open an fireplace and is run by a friendly Cornish family. Without doubt this has the best view in the whole of the Portes du Soliel.  Relax with a hot chocolate in a deck chair whilst taking in the vista of Mont Blanc. The run back to the village is a bit steep for beginners and it involves 2 road crossings  - however - one hardly ever sees vehicles but do take care when crossing. The road usually has enough snow on to ski across.

Le Grande Ourse Restaurant

Visit Le Grande Ourse  for breathtaking views, sumptuous home made dishes, log fires and a warm family welcome. At 1725m, the highest altitude restaurant in Les Gets. Open for lunch and dinner. The Chef, Ross Venning, is passionate about food and influenced by a wealth of worldwide flavours, Ross delights in selecting the freshest ingredients for the preparation of his culinary delights. Le Grande Ourse also offers evening dining - a truly unique evening experience not to be missed. You are whisked up the Mont Chéry by their private piste basher under the moonlight. Fine dining at its best with a gourmet 5 course dinner.

La Chanterelle

La Chanterelle is one of our favorite restaurants/cafes. This is the only cafe/restaurant on the far side of Mont Chery and easily accessible 

One of the best things about this restaurant is that it has always has an air of calmness, even when the mountains are full. If you want a relaxing lunch, this is the place to go in the area. As if being on the quiet part of the quiet mountain is not enough, it is also cartologicallly challenged. The people who draw the map have put it in the wrong place. At risk of spoiling the secret: ski down towards the lift, but keep right towards the end. You will go on a small section that is labelled as a black run  - but it is really a hard blue/red.  In fact, it seems easier than the red to the left, so don't worry if you accidentally overshoot and get yourself onto the black at this point

Good luck

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