Property Management Services - Chalets1066

We are always looking for quality Chalets to manage within Les Gets. We understand that your property is special and you want it taken care of, you want a level of use for yourselves but also want to generate a rental income. 

We live Les Gets and our office is on the Route des Chavannes. We focus only on Les Gets only for a number of reasons:

 - Our key staff have lived and worked in Les Gets for many years and know the area and all the properties very well. When customers call to book, our depth of knowledge means we are easily able to give a prospective client very good help and advice, it also means they are much more likely to book with us.

 - We are easily able to monitor the properties for problems.

 - We can focus all our marketing on Les Gets

 - We can make a range of quality additional services available to clients, most of which are via partners. By being local, we know all the suppliers very well.

 - We always meet the clients when they arrive, we explain the details of the chalet and also discuss skiing and other activities with them.

- We are available to address any problems quickly (burst pipes, electricity problems etc) and can be on-site within minutes.

- We aim to deliver excellent value both to the client and the property owner.

What we do

 - We take full ownership of the clients: marketing, sales, payment, managing the clients in the resort, helping ensure clients have a great holiday and are satisfied so book again.

 - We take care of your property.

To ensure we deliver these services to a high standard, we have both French and English staff with many years of experience, we also have arguably the most advanced IT systems in the industry.

We can offer two different types of contract, based on your circumstances and requirements:

 - a standard rental agreement ( where para-hotel services are NOT included)

 - a bail de commerce agreement where you claim back the 20% TVA on purchase of a new property ( see lower down, and para hotel services are included).

Please note, we are not an Immobilier. From a contractual perspective, the customer pay's us directly and we pay rent to the chalet owner on agreed dates.

Recovery of the 20% TVA on purchase of a new property

As part of the French governments’ strategy to encourage tourism, they will offer a full refund of TVA ( VAT) on purchase of a new property providing there is a contract in place with an appropriate management company to rent the property out, on a weekly basis, to clients for their holidays.

As TVA on the purchase of a new property is 20%, this is a significant saving.

To comply with the regulations, a 9-year bail de commerce agreement must be signed with an appropriate property management company who provide ‘para hotel’ services to the clients.

Chalets 1066 are able to offer a flexible contract to a buyer of a new chalet/apartment which gives both personal uses and also an income for the owner from letting the property out. The key elements Chalets1066 bring together are:

- A contract fully compliant with French regulations to ensure the TVA is easily recovered

- Flexible personal use (within reasonable limits)

- A pro-active marketing and bookings service – to ensure maximum occupancy.

- All the key elements required for compliance with the regulations:

        ° ‘para hotel’ services for your chalet/apartment in Les Gets

        ° A minimum rental income to the property buyer.

        ° Payment of TVA to the authorities on a quarterly basis

The benefits of working with Chalets 1066 rather than the builder or an immobilier/estate agent are:

- Our business is totally focussed on selling holiday rentals for Les Gets – our marketing, sales and operations are all working towards delivering strong rentals, good customer care and the best income for you.

- We have worked with expert lawyers in developing the contract, we have a strong understanding of what is needed to ensure compliance with the regulations over the term of the contract.

- We are able to handle the administration with the tax authorities for you.