Money/Insurance - Ski insurance and Caxton card



We strongly recommend all customers take out good quality travel insurance which covers for mountain holidays for any reason forcing you to cancel or interrupt your holidays.

We only offer insurance for accidents that occur on the ski slopes with your ski pass.

Thanks to the insurance expertise of our partner Trustiway, we are pleased to recommend you travel insurance. Since 2020, Trustiway also covers COVID-19 in case of illness, contact cases, quarantine and boarding refused due to high temperatures.

 That's why TRUSTI TRAVEL from Trustiway offers you a wide range of guarantees for all your trips:

 - Cancellation for all justified reasons

 - Interruption of the stay

 - Covid-19 (cancellation or interruption of stay due to illness, excluding travel restrictions)

Optional : Excess or lack of snow / Damage to property / Personal travel liability / Repatriation assistance / Transport tickets / Additional services (e.g.: ski /bike rental excursion, packages...)

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To help you, Travel insurance should be contracted with a specialist or your own insurer for any other situation if you prefer not to opt for Trusti Travel with our partner Trustiway.

Getting Best Exchange Rates from Sterling to Euros.

As we are a Euro based business, Sterling clients can potentially save money by securing the best possible exchange rate. However, this can be a complex process. Caxton FX have a simple solution.

You get a Caxton card and load it with Euros - securing the best possible exchange rate at the time. You can also check balances, transactions, and top up using their app.

Accepted at over 35 million outlets worldwide, displaying the Mastercard sign - in a store or online. Combine great exchange rates with no overseas transaction fees to help your money go further. The benefits include: great rates, no hidden charges, 0% commission, no overseas ATM fees, delivered in 3 - 5 days

To apply go to:

Please note - if you do not have a CaxtonFX card now and wish to use this method of payment for your holiday, it would be best to pay your deposit immediately using one of the cards you have now, to secure your booking. When you need to pay the outstanding balance and other holiday purchases, you can then use the Caxton card.

Please also note - this service is provided by Caxton FX and customers should deal directly with Caxton FX for all matters associated with this.