Skiing on Les Chavannes

Les Gets is nestled within the largest ski area in the world known as the Portes du Soleil. One of the 11 villages, Les Gets, is well-maintained and largely unchanged, adding a touch of luxury to tourists while staying true to its traditional and charming identity.

The snowy season in Les Gets village is simply magical. Imagine a winter wonderland, christmas lights, horse-drawn sleighs and laughter echoing through the valley, what could be better than that? Let us tell you... Les Chavannes ski area of Les Gets is also what accentuates this place's uniqueness. As you descend from the top of the mountain to the village, you are surrounded by brilliant ski schools, a variety of snow parks, and seriously delicious restaurants.

Read on to find out more about why we love skiing on Les Chavannes.

Beginner Skiing


Having taught ski lessons in several resorts, our Resort Manager, Ben, has a great deal of experience teaching beginner skiers. A great point he made was that during his time teaching in other resorts, his students would have to side-step up the slope as they learned to snowplow. Les Chavannes, however, offers a magic carpet that allows beginners to jump right into the action without needing to sidestep up the piste.

It is another great feature of Les Chavannes that it is very well designed to allow progression and has something for everyone. Beginners can try out the green runs, and the blue runs are great for those who are ready to take it up a notch.

Ski Schools


In Les Gets alone, there are about 20 British ski schools, and the French ski schools usually offer lessons in English too, so there are plenty of choices for children and adults. Having clear meeting points also makes it easy for parents to drop off their children at lessons. During peak weeks, ski school permits children to skip all queuing, so they will benefit from their lessons to the fullest. Children ages 2-4 can even enjoy a ski club with an enclosed miniature piste with ESF.

There are some great snowparks for the kids too. Be sure to check out The Little Stash, The Milka Park and the Indian Park. You might even spot the Milka Cow giving out chocolate bars and the Indians doing face painting in their tipis.

Skiing of All Levels


You've heard about beginner skiing, but there is plenty of ski terrain for all abilities on Les Chavannes. You can choose between scenic and cruisy blue runs, slightly harder reds and a few black runs, plus the exciting off-piste skiing in the trees is not to be missed.

Lots to ski in Les Gets from Les Chavannes


Another great thing about Les Chavannes is that you have easy access to all the skiing in Les Gets. There's no easier way to get to the top than the Chamossiere lift which takes you there in the blink of an eye. From the top, you can enjoy stunning views of Mont Blanc and easily ski over to the amazing red and black freeride areas.

Also accessible from here is the Les Gets Bowl (also known as the Ranfolli Bowl). It has four lifts, which means you can conveniently avoid queues and maximize your skiing time. There are easy connections to Morzine from the Les Gets Bowl as well. The pistes here are very well groomed, more so than the ones in Switzerland, if you ask us. On a snowy day, you're also very well protected by the treeline, especially if there's a breeze.

Another great quality of this ski area is the affordable ski passes and the number of runs to keep anyone busy for at least a week. There's always the option to add Avoriaz into the equation, or even all of the Portes du Soleil, but it's not always necessary, and this particular ski pass won't blow your budget.

Snow Cannons


As a result of the 7-million investment in a snow cannon project in 2019, Les Gets snow making is now on par, if not better than many other high-end ski resorts, such as Meribel. Because of the snow cannon investment, approximately 75% of the piste is covered, meaning that ski holidays are possible no matter the weather. While there have been instances where other resorts have been forced to close because of strict environmental regulations, this will never happen in Les Gets.



In Les Chavannes ski area, you can also find delicious restaurants with beautiful terraces where you can sit outside in the sun or inside while the kids have their skiing lessons, or just relax after your own. A few of our favourites on Les Chavannes include Yeti Restaurant, which is great for families and has plenty of seats, Lotties which is an iconic spot for the Tour de France during the summer months, and Paika which has lots of choices and will surely tickle your taste buds.

1066 Accommodation


We are proud to be able to offer our guests ski in ski out accommodation with many of the properties located on Les Chavannes side. A few to name are Chalet Lunar, Chardon Lac and Ruisseau. Our other properties are within walking distance to the piste or the bus stop where the busses are free. However, if you would prefer a concierge service for the convenience then we can outsource it. Simply just ask upon booking.