Terms and conditions of payment, reservation and care of chalet

Please note, Chalets1066 is the Trading name for SARL Vacances aux Chavannes, of Chalet Hastings, 1771 Route des Chavannes 74260, Les Gets, France. 

Agreement to Terms and Conditions:

Payment of the deposit is deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Payment and Reservation

A deposit of 30% of the agreed price for the booking is payable to secure the reservation. This is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Clients are advised to take out travel insurance in the event of unexpected cancellation.

By booking on line, you have the option to put a reservation on hold for 48 hours before the deposit is paid, after this period the reservation will be automatically cancelled. Please note, at times we extend the period before bookings are automatically cancelled, up to 4 days, but this is at our discretion.

For those clients who book within eight weeks of their departure date, full payment is required at the time of booking and cancellation

The balance on our confirmation invoice becomes due 8 weeks before departure, and we reserve the right to re-let the accommodation if this condition is not met. For cancellation within 8 weeks of departure the client remains liable for the following charges : 6 to 8 weeks : 75% 0-6 weeks : 100%

If you wish to cancel your booking, you must send a cancellation notification in writing by by e-mail and must be either a signed pdf document by or originate from the same e-mail address as the person who completed the booking form. 

Travel Insurance

We strongly advise that Travel insurance is taken out, in the event of cancellation for health or unexpected reasons – you will usually be able to claim costs from the insurer.

Arrival and departure Times

The rental period is from 16.00pm on the day of arrival to 10.00am on the day of departure. Any arrivals and/or departure outside of these times must be agreed with Chalets1066.

Care of Chalet/Apartment

You are expected to take all reasonable care of the chalet.

It is not allowed to wear ski boots in the Chalet/apartment. .

The clients are responsible for all keys whilst they are in their possession and for their safe return to Chalets1066. Loss of any keys while in your charge will incur a 50 Euro replacement charge per key lost.

Damage to the chalet or it’s contents must be paid for by the client, plus a fair charge for administration work and management of repairs.

You are asked to leave your accommodation in a reasonable condition, as per the notes in the document titled ‘Information Sheet for Clients’.

If the chalet/apartment is not left in a clean state, as defined in the information sheet, a full end clean charge will be applied, the fee is dependent on number of bedrooms in the property.

Security Deposit against Breakages, loss of keys or leaving the Chalet/Apartment in a poor state.

When you arrive, we need to take security against breakages or leaving the Chalet/Apartment in a poor state of cleanliness and not in line with the standards as outlined in the information sheet. 

We take the security deposit by ‘pre-approval’ on a credit card, this blocks an amount on your card, it does not take money from the card. The security deposit  is 500 euros or 1000 euros dependant on the chalet/apartment. We reserve the right to increase this amount.

If damages are found after you have left, we will first e-mail you to explain the damages and costs and if it is not possible to reasonably contest what we have found, your card will be charged for costs, plus a 50 euro management fee.


You are not allowed to smoke in the chalet.

If you smoke outside, do not throw cigarette ends into the snow. If it is found that cigarette ends are thrown into the snow, additional cleaning charges will be applied.

Security or personal property

The clients are responsible for the security of the property at all times whilst in possession of keys and for the safe keeping of all items of property within the apartment. Please ensure that the outer doors of the main building are kept closed and locked whilst you are out.

Linen and Towels

Towels rented from us should not to be used outside for use of sunbathing, or when swimming.

Towels or linen rented from us must NOT be used for cleaning bikes, ski equipment or for cleaning the floor.

Do not use the duvets or pillows without covers or anywhere other than on the beds. If it found that towels have been used for cleaning such equipment, additional charges will apply.

Lost Property

We cannot be responsible for lost property. 

If we are asked to return property which has been left at the chalet and if we confirm we are able to return the property, our standard charge is 50 euros plus an estimate of postage costs for usual items (clothes, shoes, etc). 

We cannot guarantee to be able to return an item which includes a battery (eg mobile phone or laptop) due to recent regulations on posting such items.

If we are able to return a mobile phone or laptop, our charge is 75 euros plus shipping costs. 

Please ensure all personal property is covered by your travel insurance.

In the event of not being able to travel to Les Gets due to Covid-19

For bookings made for a chalet/apartment for ski season 2020-21, in the event that Les Gets is closed for the relevant period by the French government authorities to all customers due to a re-occurrence of Covid-19 ,the customer will have the option to move the holiday to the equivalent week/part week  in the 2021-22 ski season in the same property at no additional cost. 

If the equivalent week/part week is not available then the customer will have the option to move to any other available week/part week for the same property in the 2021/22 ski season and there will be no additional cost unless the price for the selected week/part week exceeds the price for the equivalent week/part week by more than 10% in which case the excess will be payable by the customer.

If the customer does not wish to pay an excess, and/or there is no alternative week/part week available in the same chalet in the 2021-22 ski season for any reason, we will move the booking to another chalet/apartment of the closest standard, size and quality and within the 10% excess price cap that we have available.

If there is a re-occurrence of Covid-19 in the customer’s country of residence and France is not permitting anyone from the customers country of residence to enter France, then the option to move the booking as described above will also apply.  However, if France or Les Gets is selectively permitting people from other countries or other areas of France to come to Les Gets on the basis of their being able to prove a requisite level of health or compliance with a health related regulation that may be required, then this policy will not apply, as the customer is expected to make appropriate preparation to travel to France  ( or claim on their insurance if not fit to travel).  Furthermore, if France or Les Gets is selectively permitting people to travel to Les Gets on the basis of using a tracking application (possibly in conjunction with the above) for a specified time before entry into France and/or for travel within France to Les Gets  and this requirement is not complied with, then the option to move the booking as described above will also not apply.

This option to move a booking from ski season 2020-21 to ski season 2021-22 will not apply for any other reason.

Special Requests

Any special requests must be put to us in writing/e-mail and whilst we will make every effort to adhere to your requests, we cannot guarantee that we will always be successful. At the time of booking, please advise chalets1066 of any special requirements.

In the event of a complaint or a problem

In the unlikely event of a complaint or a problem you must contact us immediately with full details of any problems and we should be given a reasonable time to resolve the problem

We will always attempt to address any problem as soon as possible  - to help ensure your satisfaction while on holiday.

Reasonable time should be allowed for us to act upon / rectify any complaint or problem.

It should be appreciated that fixing issues in a mountain village may take longer than in a town, as access to resources are limited.

We cannot accept responsibility for damage, loss or disappointment arising from complaints that are not reported immediately, and in particular, any complaints not reported until after your stay. 

Some problems may require skilled labour to resolve (for example plumbing issues) and whilst we make all efforts to resolve problems as soon as possible, the client should be aware that securing skilled resources can, at times, take some time and a ‘reasonable period’ to resolve an issue may be longer in a mountain village than in a city.

Any complaint concerning local amenities should be addressed to the tourist office.

Responsibility for events outside our control

We cannot be held responsible for events outside our control, in particular the failure of local utilities such as water, electricity, telephone, etc. Neither can we be held responsible for services restricted due to heavy snow falls, strikes or other natural causes.

It should be understood that reliability of supply of utilities in mountain villages cannot be expected to be the same as in town.

Snow and Weather Conditions

We cannot be responsible for weather conditions.

Hired Equipment

We cannot be responsible for equipment hired from other organisations.

Ski Lifts and Bus Service:

We cannot be responsible for the running of the ski lifts or the bus service.


Of course, we help when clients are unfortunate to have accidents. However, it should be appreciated that we cannot be held responsible in the event of accidents.

A Claim cannot be made against the company in the event of a personal accident. We advise all clients to take out travel insurance.

Taxe de Sejour

Taxe de Séjour is usually included in the costs but not shown separately. Please note, we have selected chalets where tax de sejour is itemised separately.

Televisions and other Electrical Equipment

Televisions are provided in all Chalets/Apartments.

Please do not attempt to retune the Televisions  as this will incur the expense of a technician having to attend the property to sort out any problems. Please be aware that reception varies and it is not always possible to receive some channels.

Efforts are made to ensure the satisfactory operation of the television, however, should a television break down, we cannot issue a refund. 

Regarding other electrical equipment (dishwashers, washing machines, heaters, etc) whilst we make every possible effort to ensure all equipment is in satisfactory operation and if something does break down, we always try to ensure this is repaired or replaced as quickly as possible, the customer understands that such items to break down from time to time and that a no re-fund is due in the event of any electrical item breaking down.

Internet access

Many chalets are now installed with Internet, this is as shown on our web site. Internet is also usually available (WiFi) within Chalet Hastings. 

Whilst we make efforts to ensure the satisfactory operation of  WiFi/Internet, we cannot guarantee the satisfactory function of this service and re-funds cannot be given if the Internet is not working.


" Bathroom " in the description could be bathroom or shower room. 

Social Media

We would be delighted for clients to post accurate information on social media about Chalets1066. We ask for honest, truthful use of social media.

If negative comments are made in social media, which are not truthful, the client agrees to compensate for loss of business and for cost of management time involved. The client should be aware that this is unlikely to be less than 10000 euros for each incident.

Furthermore, if perceived problems are reported in social media by the client, and we are not first given the opportunity to discuss and address in a reasonable way (this must be at time of stay), the customer understands that this is a breach of this agreement and the customer agrees to compensate SARL Vacances aux Chavannes for any potential loss of business and also for the management time involved.

Unexpected events necessitating a change to your booking.

Of course, we make all possible efforts to ensure you have the chalet/apartment which you have booked, but there are sometimes problems beyond our control. In the unlikely event of us having to change your accommodation due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to do so. 

If we have  a suitable alternative property which is available, we will move you to the alternative property.

We recognize that our reputation is dependent on providing smooth running and problem free arrangements on all aspects of your holiday and every effort will be made to keep any resultant disruption to a minimum.

If, at the time, we only have a more expensive property available, we will not charge extra. 

If the alternative property is less expensive, we will re-fund the difference.

 If we are unfortunately unable to offer you an alternative property we will refund the cost of the  rental. We will not be responsible for costs of flights and car hire that may have been booked in conjunction with the reservation. In these circumstances we would expect that you would be able to make a claim from your travel insurance and will provide you with appropriate documentation if needed.

Repeat Customer Discount

Customers who have stayed with us before and are making a second booking are offered a repeat customer discount. To secure this discount, the booking must be made on line, and the discount code must be used. Repeat customer discount cannot be given retrospectivley.