COVID 19 Info - Chalets 1066 Policies to keep your holiday secure and to keep you safe in Les Gets

This page gives information on:
  • Our cleaning standards for Summer 2021 and Ski Season 2021-22 and why the disinfecting clean is important
  • The benefits of good quality insurance relating to Coronavirus
  • Why your booking is safer with a company not offering a Covid Guarantee than one which is - and specifically with Chalets1066
  • The Health Pass (Pass Sanitaire)

1. Our Cleaning standards based on medical advice

We have taken medical advice from two experts and been advised that we should have the same level of disinfecting for summer 2021 and ski season 2021-22 that we had in place for the 2020-21 ski season, for the following reasons:

  • The disinfecting standards we implemented were designed to kill some 99.9% of viruses including Coronavirus and related viruses
  • It is expected that there will be some level of Coronavirus around up to and including ski season 2021-22 and whilst most people will be vaccinated, there is still a risk
  • Mutations of the virus present a risk
  • Disinfecting will eliminate almost all germs and viruses and will help minimise health risks from other infections.

We believe that a holiday with Chalets 1066 is probably the safest holiday one can take with the current Coronavirus crisis, in particular, medical advice is that Covid-19 survives for far longer on soft furnishings than on hard surfaces, we are one of the very few organizations to have invested 1000's euros in specialist equipment for disinfecting sofas, mattresses, duvets, curtains, and other soft furnishings. We do this disinfecting work of soft furnishings before your stay and so we are confident we offer the safest possible accommodation. We do have to charge a little extra for this, we do this work 'at cost' and we believe that customers will value the high level of safety we offer.

We have implemented a plan for a very high cleaning standard, similar to those of Marriott Hotels, including the use of the latest technologies: electrostatic spraying of disinfectant. We have taken detailed advice from a Doctor, we have also reviewed the policies of the major hotel chains and government websites in putting our policies together.

 Our procedures include:

  • Ventilation of rooms while cleaning. This is an important part of prevention, as droplets can remain in the air for many hours.
  • All hard and high touch point surfaces – these will be cleaned with an alcohol cleaner which kills bacteria
  • Sofas, rugs, curtains, and other soft furnishings - These will be sprayed using an electrostatic spray gun which creates a very fine (40 micron) spray of charged mist. We will be using the same equipment as used by Marriott Hotels, and chemicals which are specifically designed to be safe for both people and furniture and have been proven to quickly kill viruses.
  • Hand sanitiser will be in each chalet
  • Soap by each hand wash basin
  • Linen the duvet, mattress and pillow protectors will be sprayed with the disinfecting mist using the electrostatic gun.
  • Television remote controllers and other remote controllers -  these will either be in plastic bags and either replaced for each change over or fully disinfected before your arrival.
  • Information for your stay: We will ensure you have all the information you need using the latest technologies rather than paper:
    • Chalet Manual - this will be provided as a smartphone app.
    • What is on in the village - this will be, and already is, available on our web site.

What we ask of you:

To help ensure the safety of arriving clients without yet further increases in cost, we ask of you that, when you leave:

  • you fill the dishwasher with crockery, glasses, knives and forks that you have been using and leave it running.
  • that all linen, towels, oven gloves and tea towels are put into the plastic bags that are left for you and you seal the bag with a zip tie (both of which we will provide).

Hot Tubs

We have searched high and low to find any potential risk and have found none, providing the hot tub is maintained correctly. All hot tubs under our management are monitored for chlorine levels at least three times a week and the chlorine is adjusted as needed.

Please note that to help us support this extra cost, a "special Covid19" disinfecting fee is automatically added to your booking. The fees are based on the number of bedrooms in the chalet:

  • 1 Bedroom: 50 euros
  • 2 Bedrooms: 75 euros
  • 3 Bedrooms: 95 euros
  • 4 Bedrooms: 130 euros
  • 5 Bedrooms: 150 euros
  • 6 Bedrooms: 165 euros

2. The benefits of good quality Insurance

Since customers started making claims for Coronavirus problems, starting March 2020, we have been supporting customers in their insurance claims and have learnt a lot about different insurance companies.

We have found that there are insurance companies with a good market reputation and high prices who have refused to refund a customer for what was felt by the customer to be a fair claim. On the other hand, we have found some insurance companies who do not have such a strong market reputation to pay the customer’s claim quickly and with little fuss.

We have done a lot of work to find a quality insurance company who will insure against illness due to Covid and against not being able to come on holiday due to Covid related issues. We are at the final stages of working with this company to create an insurance product related to our business and will be releasing this within 2 months. This will be open for all customers who have booked to take up. The cost will be around 5% of booking value. We will be writing to all customers who have booked once this is available. Please note, this will not insure for border closure.

3. Why your booking is safer with Chalets 1066 when we are not offering a refund/to move your booking due to Covid related issues

Many UK based ski companies have gone out of business. In most cases,  the original owners have bought the company from the liquidator and the company is now trading. These companies are giving the impression that nothing has happened. In practice, their suppliers and customers will, more than likely, have lost a lot of money.

Most of these companies are now offering a Covid Guarantee, yet they are clearly at risk of having to go into administration again, why is this?

Everyone has total confidence that next ski season will go ahead*, France is returning to normal life with restrictions in place for hygiene (see below), both numbers of new infections and numbers in hospital are falling and the vaccine roll out in France is strong. 

So why are these companies offering a Covid Guarantee? We suspect this is because they went into administration at a time when other more nimble ski companies** were open for business were and taking a lot of bookings and they now need the cash flow to fund the day to day operation of their business. This means that these companies are at risk of going into administration again. It therefore follows that customers are at risk of losing their deposit by booking with a company offering a Covid Guarantee.

We can give our customers assurance that our business is financially solid.

By not offering a Covid Guarantee, we are able to keep our prices as low as possible***, we are also making it clear to the market that we are financially sound and not at risk of going into administration.

Our recommendation to a client who is nervous about travel restrictions due to Covid is to hold off from booking until there is 100% confidence on travel.

* The restrictions in place in France ( see below) mean that the numbers of new infections, people in hospital and people in intensive care are all falling. France has found a successful model with the Pass Sanitaire which the rest of Europe is considering copying.

** Last ski season we re-focussed on mountain holidays for French clients.

*** Everything costs money and to build in a Covid Guarantee would mean either very costly insurance or to build a small amount of risk into our financial model, which we believe is not necessary and will not benefit clients as it would only mean a price increase.

In France there are 44,87 M people fully vaccinated which represents 77,8 % of the population aged over 12 year (updated on the 5th of September 2021).


4. The Health Pass (Pass Sanitaire) and how non French Residents can get this.

All French residents visiting a bar, restaurant, cafe, cultural event, or traveling by train or plane are required to present a 'Pass Sanitaire'. Those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are eligible for the health pass, and this also applies to tourists visiting France this summer.

By scanning the QR codes on your vaccination certificates, you'll be able to generate your own health pass through the well-established TousAntiCovid app. Even better, the French government has confirmed that vaccination certificates from the rest of Europe and the UK can also be loaded onto the TousAntiCovid app. 


If you are traveling from anywhere else you can find more information here.


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