COVID 19 Info - Chalets 1066 Policies to keep your holiday secure and to keep you safe in Les Gets

This page gives information on our Covid-19 guarantee and details of our special cleaning standards to ensure your safety.


Our Covid-19 guarantee applies to the 2020-21 ski season:

  • We will move your booking to the same property, closest dates in the following ski season should the French Local or National Government 'lockdown' France or Les Gets due to Covid-19 such that the accommodation you have booked cannot be used.  Of course, to qualify you need to comply with our terms and conditions of payment.
  • If you are not able to travel to Les Gets due to restrictions imposed by the French National or Local Government, we will move your booking to the same property, closes dates, in the following ski season.
  • If you book in advance with us and at any time before the final balance is due (8 weeks before your holiday booking)  you decide you want to cancel for any reason related to Covid-19 ( perhaps you are nervous about the situation) then we will 're-market' the week you have booked and provided we are able to re-sell the week, we will give you a full refund minus a fair and reasonable fee for administration.
Notes to Guarantee - What cover can be expected from good quality Travel Insurance:

1. If your government advises against travel to France and France is accepting people (perhaps subject to health checks as may be required) from your country of residence, then a good quality travel insurance company will usually provide full insurance cover for everything apart from Covid-19 ( and residents of all countries within the EU are usually covered for any health issue under complementary agreements). For UK residents, MPI insurance and StaySure will provide insurance cover in this situation. For UK customers who contract Covid-19 and the UK government has advised against travel to France, you are still protected under EHIC (up to 31st December and what-ever replaces this assuming there is a Brexit deal, in 2021).

2. If your government does not advise against travel to Les Gets ( ie your government advises travel to Les Gets is OK) and you do contract Coronavirus, then good quality insurance companies will cover you for Covid-19, an example is StaySure and MPI.

Our Cleaning standards based on medical advice

We believe that a ski holiday with Chalets 1066 is probably the safest holiday one can take with the current Coronavirus crisis, in particular, medical advice is that Covid-19 survives for far longer on soft furnishings than on hard surfaces, we are one of the very few organizations to have invested 1000's euros in specialist equipment for disinfecting sofas, mattresses, duvets, curtains, and other soft furnishings. We do this disinfecting work of soft furnishings before your stay and so we are confident we offer the safest possible accommodation. We do have to charge a little extra for this, we do this work 'at cost' and we believe that customers will value the high level of safety we offer.

We have implemented a plan for a very high cleaning standard, similar to those of Marriott Hotels, including the use of the latest technologies: electrostatic spraying of disinfectant. We have taken detailed advice from a Doctor, we have also reviewed the policies of the major hotel chains and government web sites in putting our policies together.

 Our procedutes incude:

  • Ventilation of rooms while cleaning. This is an important part of prevention, as droplets can remain in the air for many hours.
  • All hard and high touch point surfaces – these will be cleaned with an alcohol cleaner which kills bacteria
  • Sofas, rugs, curtains, and other soft furnishings - These will be sprayed using an electrostatic spray gun which creates a very fine (40 micron) spray of charged mist. We will be using the same equipment as used by Marriott Hotels, and chemicals which are specifically designed to be safe for both people and furniture and have been proven to quickly kill viruses.
  • Hand sanitiser will be in each chalet
  • Soap by each hand wash basin
  • Linen the duvet, mattress and pillow protectors will be sprayed with the disinfecting mist using the electrostatic gun.
  • Television remote controllers and other remote controllers -  these will be in plastic bags and either replaced for each change over or disinfected.
  • Information for your stay: We will ensure you have all the information you need using the latest technologies rather than paper:
    • Chalet Manual - this will be provided as a smartphone app.
    • What is on in the village - this will be, and already is, available on our web site.
    • Books and Magazines - these will not be available in the property, as it is impossible for us to disinfect every page, this is the advice from the French Tourist Authorities.
What we ask of you:

To help ensure the safety of arriving clients without yet further increases in cost, we ask of you that, when you leave:

  • you fill the dishwasher with crockery, glasses, knives and forks that you have been using and leave it running.
  • that all linen, towels, oven gloves and tea towels are put into the plastic bags that are left for you and you seal the bag with a zip tie (both of which we will provide).
Hot Tubs

We have searched high and low to find any potential risk and have found none, providing the hot tub is maintained correctly. All hot tubs under our management are monitored for chlorine levels at least three times a week and the chlorine is adjusted as needed.

Please note that to help us support this extra cost, a "special Covid19" cleaning fee is automatically added to your booking. The fees are based on the number of bedrooms in the chalet:

  • 1 Bedroom: 60 euros
  • 2 Bedrooms: 75 euros
  • 3 Bedrooms: 95 euros
  • 4 Bedrooms: 130 euros
  • 5 Bedrooms: 150 euros
  • 6 Bedrooms: 165 euros


To read the policies in place across the Les Gets village, go to: Les Gets Covid-19 Policies

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