Catered Chalet Experience - Chalets1066 Offer

Catering is available for all the properties we manage. For Chef Service the minimum is 6 people. You can have the level of service normally only offered by a catered chalet, yet with much more flexibility and at a lower cost.

Choose the exact level of catering service to create the perfect chalet holiday at lower cost.

Flexible Catering

With Chef Service, you don’t need to worry about shopping, cooking or washing. Your Chef takes care of all of this, he even advises on the best wine to go with the meal. Choose from our range of chef service partners, from €45 euros a day per adult for continental breakfast, adfternoon tea and two-course meal up to Michelin standard meals for 80 euros per adult including wine. One of the main benefits of Chef service is that you are assured of having an experienced chef.

Meal Delivery, Options include:

Bon Appetit – The meals are cooked by Martin Clare in Taninges. He previously worked at London's Savoy and he was given outstanding reviews by Alex Polizzi - of 'The Hotel Inspector'.  Martin freezes his meals. The typical price for a two-course meal is 16.50

Dining Direct – where Damian cooks the meals in Morzine in the mornings, delivers them in the afternoon, ready for you to warm up in the evening.  A two-course meal is €20.00

For Breakfast We collect your order from the local Les Gets Patisserie and we deliver to you in time for breakfast. The only extra you pay over the shop price is the delivery fee.

Self Catering

With Self catering, you have complete freedom and lowest price and all our properties have very well equipped kitchens so you can easily cater for yourselves. You still benefit from the Chalets 1066 service:

  • You are welcomed in the property you have booked, the facilities are all explained and we are available to help with any questions about the resort and the area.
  • We can deliver ski passes, or multipass in the summer, at no additional charge ( providing you book ski passes online with us)
  • We are available in the village to help and in case of any problem
  • Standard cleaning is included in the price

For more on why a catered holiday with Chalet 1066 is better quality/lower cost, read our FAQ's below and our blog.