• Les Gets - Snow & ski conditions in Avoriaz still very good

    18 April 2012
    These pictures were taken only yesterday in Avoriaz by Jeff and Laurie, this was their last day before returning to the UK, the lifts in Les Gets closed on Sunday yet in Avoriaz, their view was that the snow was almost as good as it was in January. Some are saying that the lifts could have stayed open longer this season.
    Today it is snowing heavily in Les Gets - Sue is due to leave on Saturday - let's hope she can get to the airport!
  • Les Gets - Easter Snow - Ski conditions on the Chavannes

    14 April 2012
    They say that the Easter snow is poor - and you have to trek higher to do any skiing; well not so for us - we had a late start and saw the bright sun rising over the Chavannes mountain. We then took the regular Navette bus down into les Gets, bought a one day pass (adults at 20euros) and we were soon away skiing! Firstly up the Chavannes Express up to the top of the Chavannes area and then down to the Chavannes area several times. When we got braver we took the Violete run down to "the bowl" where the pistes were that little bit quieter and "off-Beat"!
  • Experience on the pistes - Ski holidays with children

    11 April 2012
    A typical holiday day for me at Chalet 1066 has started off with warm bread being delivered straight to the door. After we would get ready and walk to the bus stop which takes us down to the town, where we then get off and walk to the slopes. We will then get onto either the bubble lift or the chairlift which takes us up to where all the slopes are. Les Ges is a very comfortable place to ski especially if you are a beginner you can start off on the green slopes and then gradually onto the blue and then if you're feeling confident enough you can attempt the red. There are also the black runs but they are very difficult and are more for the advanced skiers and snowboarders!
  • Les Gets - Our First Day's Skiing in the ski resort

    11 April 2012
    Quite frankly not having been able to afford skiing lessons over here as well as everything else (we learnt - well had had a few sessions - at Xscape MK) we kitted out, took the bus into Les Ges (there is a free bus which circles the town every 30 minutes) (as well as a train which circles the village too!), and took the "Bubble lift" up to the Chavannes area.
  • Les Gets - Easter Skiing Holiday - Customer experience

    10 April 2012
    We arrived on an early easy-jet plane which left Luton at 7.25am. Luton to Geneva. A nice flight, efficient and pleasant took us to Geneva and then the strangely titled company Skiidy Gonzales took us up to Les Ges. Actually Skiddy Gonzales runs a series of small, up-to-date mini-busses which continually run from Morzine / Les Ges to Geneva and back; driven by young, sensible, and highly educated young people in their 20s. A great welcome actually - and they will help with questions etc.
  • Les Gets - Snow on Easter Day - Good end to the ski season

    08 April 2012
    It has been snowing most of the day today, in Les Gets. The temperature felt the coldest for two months - so cold I had to wear a balaclava underneath my helmet for the first time this ski season - and this is Easter Sunday! The piste was excellent on all but the very lowest slopes in Les Gets. It is looking like we are set for an excellent end to the season.
  • Les Gets - Chalets1066 tips to secrets on Chavannes slopes

    02 April 2012
    The sun is Brilliant ! the Skiing is Brilliant ! My favourite piste is closed !
    I am learning to ski and an now qualify myself as " not too bad " and so love to show off my colours ( you know .... i did a black run today ... Chamosiere or even the Yeti etc )
    Truth be told, I am still much more comfortable on blues and the occasional reds. One of those red is La Tulipe, fabulous views over Mont Blanc and Dents du Midi at the top with great photo opportunities, scary scary beginning and then a magnificent wide piste ( we are talking very wide here ), the Wetzet restaurant in the middle.
  • Les Gets - Snowing all day today - Weather report

    19 March 2012
    It has been snowing all day today in Les Gets - it looks like we are set for an excellent end of season.
    Before todays 'dump' we were having beautiful crisp snow in the mornings. By late afternoon piles of powder. Very little ice. Pleasant skiing conditions with many excellent slopes right through until the end of the day.
    We are now confident of good piste conditions to the end of the ski season.
  • Les Gets - Top five reasons to come for Easter ski holidays

    18 March 2012
    1. Skiing across the whole of Portes du Soleil area
    2. Mulled wine in the sunshine
    3. Scooting down the slopes in a t-shirt
    4. The views through the mist towards Mont Blanc
    5. Snacking on chips in Morgins after skiing over the Swiss border
  • Les Gets - 9cm snow Forecast report - Ski holidays

    17 March 2012
    Whilst we are not far off the end of the season, the j2Ski web site is forecasting around 9cm snow in Les Gets on Sunday and Monday, also, the Skiiinfo web site is forecasting as much as 32cm snow in Les Gets and tempreatures as low as -5 degrees C. Whilst we feel that 32cm may be optimistic, there is certainly some snow expected.
  • Les Gets - Clear Blue Skys - Outstanding season for snow

    16 March 2012
    The sky has been a clear blue all week, temperatures overnight have been cold, warm in the day time. The skiing has been good, best to be out early to get the best piste conditions. It is still worth making a last minute decision to come to Les Gets, this has been an outstanding season for snow and there are still a few weeks left of the season.
  • Les Gets - New Indoor Swimming Pool in Morzine

    11 March 2012
    Every Summer our visitors ask for an indoor swimming pool - Morzine now has just opened a new indoor pool complex, this includes:
    a 25m fitness pool
    a 125 square meter learners pool
    a 50 square meter baby pool
    a hydro fitness area, with saunas and steam rooms
    bars and restaurant
    This is in addition to the olympic outdoor pool in Morzine.