• Les Gets - Getting ready for the summer season - Holidays

    14 June 2011
    ur Chalet manager, Alex, arrived mid last week and we spend a few days starting work, once the snow has melted, gardens in the Alps seem to grow at about three times the rate of English gardens and if you are not careful, there is a covering of dandelions everywhere. We re-seeded parts of the lawn - as parts had not survived well after the snow, planted the rockery mowed lawns and of course weeded. We also took the Wendy house to Chalet Au Gre du Temps - where a family is staying for 7 weeks, it must have looked quite amusing, transporting this down the Chavannes Road - balanced on a wheel-barrow on one side and Alex holding up the other.
  • Les Gets - Critérium du Dauphiné in Les Gets

    12 June 2011
    Yesterday we saw a stage of the Criterium du Dauphine in Les Gets, Bradley Wiggins was in the centre and was clearly in the lead. The event was quite low key compared with the TdF and other events in Les Gets
  • Les Gets - 70cm more snow in the village - Nice conditions

    30 May 2011
    The snow is absolutely amazing at the moment, and a further 70cm snow is forecast for Les Gets over the next three days. Whilst this is excellent for skiing, and bodes well for the rest of the season, the amount of snow is causing havoc with the roads. We hardly ever see Land Rover Defenders with snow chains, but over the past few days, we have seen quite a few!
    Normally, when this is this much snow at the start of the season, it forms a good base for a few months, so whatever happens with the weather, we usually have reasonable snow for the season.
  • Les Gets - Excellent snow on the slopes - Race training

    18 March 2011
    Ben is doing training in the Giant Slolom at the moment, he was on the BASI slalom course yesterday, on the Les Gets pistes and said they were perfect. In the village the weather was not great at all, and this meant that some people did not go out, but on the slopes he said conditions were perfect - for race training.
  • Les Gets - Clients report that Les Gets slopes are excellent

    13 March 2011
    Our clients, who have skied at different resorts in the French Alps - some very high, are continuing to report that the pistes in Les Gets are amongst the best in the Alps.
  • Les Gets - Afternoon ski - Vin chaud at the La Fys Lift

    04 March 2011
    Many people say the best skiing is first thing in the morning before the droves get out...
    but for me yesterday the best was after 3.30 until the lifts closed. Suddenly a brightish day brightened and everything became golden.
  • Les Gets - New Ski lift at Chamossière - Trial

    03 March 2011
    Yesterday and today we tried the new ski lift at Chamossière...
    The good news is that this is very fast - one of the fastest lifts we have experienced - and from the top of Chamossier you can ski right down to the area where there are a number of restaurants at the bottom of the Chamossier express - so this is a very long run.
  • Les Gets - Picture of Mont Chery after the snow

    01 March 2011
    Beautiful picture of Mont Chery mountain taken from Les Chavannes side after the snow fall. Taken from the balcony of Edith in chalet Hastings.
  • Les Gets - Non-stop snowing for 17 hours - Snow conditions

    27 February 2011
    ....after only occasional snow, it has not been snowing non stop for 17 hours, there were even two roads blocked locally (and they know how do deal with snow in the Alps!). The temperature is currently around minus 3.5 degrees C here so the outlook is good.
  • Les Gets - Half Term - Snowing - Excellent piste conditions

    22 February 2011
    Half term has started - one of the busiest weeks of the year in Les Gets - and we had snow! The trees look beautiful and the roofs are covered in snow. After weeks of the piste bashers doing an outstanding job - we can relax as there is good real snow - and the piste bashers can have an easer time at night!
  • Les Gets - Slopes are excellent despite report

    14 February 2011
    Ben has been skiing every day in and around Les Gets and he reports that the pistes are excellent. Whilst there has not been mu snow fall recently, Les Gets is very well served with snow making equipment, also the pisteurs seem to gather every bit of snow they can to ensure that the pistes are in very good conditions. Snow is forecast tomorrow.
  • Les Gets - Snow report - Better snow conditions in Les Gets

    08 February 2011
    A couple of weeks ago we had some clients who came to stay with us, after being in Verbier. They said that the piste conditions in Les Gets were much better than in Verbier - where they said it was very patchy, yet in Les Gets, the piste was very good every day of their stay. This is yet another report of Les Gets having better skiing conditions than the high (and very expensive) resorts.