• Les Gets - Dogs in Chalets Hastings - Dog Blog Post

    21 January 2012
    Hi - I'm Harry [tall and handsome] And hello from Gizzie (smaller and fluffy). Been here since December and our verdict - Les Gets and Hastings are awesome. It's snowing!
    After weeks of sunny skies and snowdrifts that white stuff is coming down from the skies again. 35 more cm last night...how much deeper can it get? We already work hard, struggling through the snow, chasing the odd marmotte.
    Will we ever catch one?
  • View from our Office in Chalet Hastings on Route de Chavannes

    18 January 2012
    We have a wonderful view from the office at Chalet Hastings. We feel so privileged to be able to look out and see such beauty. This photograph was taken just over a week ago, after a snow fall. I hear that 81 cm is now forecast for Les Gets over the next three days!
  • Les Gets - 20% off Last Minute Deal - Ski trip - Chalet Hastings

    16 January 2012
    Chalets1066 are offering 20% discount on Wessex and Bayeux, where available for the rest of the 2012 ski season.
    Wessex and Bayeux represent, arguably, the best value for money accommodation in Les Gets for groups of 7 to 10. Both apartments are very spacious, have 4 large bedrooms (no bunk beds) and log fires. There is also a sauna, DVD library and PC/Internet. Bayeux and Wessex are in the Hastings Chalet, which currently is ski back, 10 minutes walk to the ski lifts in ski boots and the free bus stops right outside.
  • Les Gets - Snow Clearing - Chalet Hastings - Snow conditions

    16 January 2012
    The amount of snow has been excellent this season, however, the work involved in snow clearing so far this season, has been quite exceptional, Jeff and Dirk are really appreciated for the outstanding hard work they have done, it is impossible to plan ahead for large amounts of snow and we are reliant on support and commitment to ensure the snow is cleared. Many chalets simply are not cleared properly and the result is that the snow builds up more and more and it becomes almost impossible to get to the front door.
    The picture below shows the entrance to the Hastings building - you can see their work - and another 32cm snow is forecast over the next few days.
  • Les Gets - About the operation manager - Ski holidays

    12 January 2012
    I feel it is appropriate to say something about Morven - our operations manager.
    Chalets1066 is now around double the size it was when we took this over, to allow Sue to focus more time on revervations and other areas, Sue asked Morven to take on responsibility for managing all day to day operations at Chalets1066.
  • Les Gets - Overlooking the vilage by night - Chalet Le Lapye

    12 January 2012
    I went out one evening last week at 11.30 and took a few pictures from outside Le Lapye - overlooking Les Gets. I feel this is the best picture. There was no electric light on the road, as there had been a small avalanche the day before which took a pylon out (power was back the day after this picture was taken) - the sky was clear and there was almost a full moon - hence it was actually quite light...and the snow on the roofs was lit just by moonlight.
  • Les Gets - Ideal boots to walk in the snow and ice

    10 January 2012
    This is something I found very amusing last week:
    My 'natural' walking speed is around double that of Sue's walking speed. I always have to concentrate to slow down when walking with Sue. It was so funny last week, just after we bought her new boots, we had to run for the bus. Sue was well ahead of me! Her new boots have miniature metal studs on the bottom and are amazing at gripping in the snow and ice.
  • Les Gets - Exceptional ski, powder and avalanche

    07 January 2012
    The past few days in Les Gets have been quite eventful - incredible snow and practical problems caused by so much snow:
    At 08.00 Wednesday morning, Ben called me and said: Dad - you must get out, the snow is fantastic....at 08.30 he called me again while I was enjoying my breakfast...we agreed to meet at 10.15 at the top of the bubble lift on Mont Chery.
  • Les Gets - Wonderful Ski Conditions - Excellent snow & weather

    04 January 2012
    The past couple of days have been wonderful in Les Gets - the village has been full - as far as we know everywhere is booked - yet the pistes are not overcrowded at all - the snow is excellent and the weather has been wonderful.
    Yesterday I fell over on the moguls on Chamossier - so took a break from skiing - tomorrow I will be back.
    7cm snow is forecast over the next couple of days - and average temperatures of -4 to -10 degrees C
  • Ski Back to Chalet Hastings - Report and ski conditions

    02 January 2012
    Yesterday we tried the ski back route to Hastings and the other chalets in the same area (see location map on web site) the snow was very good up to Chalet Soleil, after this we walked - for about 3 minutes to get to the Hastings Chalet. So - Chavannes, Senlac, Soleil and Hastings are all within 3 mins of a ski back route - as of yesterday
  • Les Gets - Best snow in the village for 20 years - Ski trip

    22 December 2011
    We now have the best snow in Les Gets, by this time in the season, we are told, for 20 years. Skiing conditions can only be described as excellent. The snow is almost 2 metres deep and the top and 1 metre in the village of Les Gets. The depth of the snow is such that we feel very confident of good skiing conditions in Les Gets for quite some time.
  • Les Gets - Short ski breaks - Long weekend available

    18 December 2011
    Chalets1066 are offering short stay ski breaks in Les Gets for both Self Catered and Catered Accommodation in January and March. This follows on from a successful trial of short ski breaks last season