Snowshoe walk - Nauchets Belvedere - Les Gets

Snowshoe walk - Nauchets Belvedere - Les Gets

With this itinerary located on the Chavannes side, you can choose different options according to your level and preferences. The Nauchets Belvedere offers skiing and snowshoeing enthusiasts a spectacular view of the bowl of Les Gets from a platform installed for the winter of 2019-2020.

Explore the different snowshoeing routes to enjoy the picnic tables and wooden deck chairs on the platform.

Snowshoe walk - Nauchets Belvedere - Les Gets

Option 1: A short walk to The Belvedere for a snack (green path)

  • Difficulty : *
  • Departure: Top of the Chavannes cable car
  • Length: 1.2km
  • Time: about 40mn way and back
  • Up and down : +/- 60m 
  • Possible to walk without snowshoes, groomed trail.

Children will enjoy this short itinerary while enjoying the pleasures of the mountains. From the top of the Chavannes gondola, you can either use your pedestrian pass or park along the Chavannes road (limited spaces during high season) and take the gondola down to the bottom.

Follow the path from the lift through the Mappys ski beginner area and then continue on to reach Grand Cry (the territory of the Indians). There is a well-marked path that leads to the platform, where you can enjoy a snack or a picnic in the open air overlooking the mountains. If some of your holiday group are spending the day skiing then this is the perfect spot to meet them. The return trip follows the same route.

Snowshoe walk - Nauchets Belvedere - Les Gets

Option 2: Snowshoeing to The Belvedere and descent via the Mouille au Blé to the village of Les Gets (brown track)

  • Difficulty : **
  • Departure: Top of the Chavannes gondola
  • Length: 5.6 km
  • Time: 2h/2h15
  • Up and down: +60m + / -410m

For the beginning of this itinerary, follow option 1. After admiring the view from the Nauchets platform, continue on to the only path to the left that leads down to the Mappys ski beginners' area. A snowshoe path runs all the way down and alternates between forests and fields, allowing you to discover Les Gets from a new perspective. It is the perfect Nordic walk for families, as you discover Mouille au Blé and Lac des Ecoles along the way.

Along the way, you'll see beautiful animal tracks and a white landscape covered in a beautiful snow blanket. Within easy reach of Les Gets, you'll be left feeling content by nature's tranquility and the sight of snow-white pine trees.

If you are heading down to the village for a well-deserved rest, take the opportunity to check out the ice and snow-covered Lac des Ecoles during the winter. At the bottom of the slopes, descend to the left behind the school buildings and follow the path that joins the sledging slopes.

Snowshoe walk - Nauchets Belvedere - Les Gets

Option 3: Snowshoeing to The Belvedere via the Mouille au Blé, and back from the village of Les Gets (brown track way and back)

  • Difficulty : ***
  • Departure: Bottom of the snow front sledging piste
  • Length: 10 km
  • Time: 4h/4h30 way and back
  • Up and down: 410m +/-

For those who desire to enjoy snowshoes for longer and test their abilities on the climb, route option 2 can also be taken from the village in Les Gets. An ideal way to test your snowshoeing skills and cardio while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

On the side of Chavannes, the ascent begins from the bottom of the sledging slope. You will first reach the Lake des Ecoles and then take the path to the right of the lake when you arrive from the village, up to the top of the Chavannes gondola by the Mouille au Blé field. During the gradual ascent, you will encounter animal tracks in the forest, mountain pastures, large fields dotted with snow, and sublime views of the surrounding mountains, such as those of Turche summit and La Rosta. Once you have reached the Mappys ski beginners' area, turn right toward the Nauchets platform, which has tables and wooden deck chairs for a well-deserved snack or lunch.

Return to the village safely at the end of your break by following the same path (option 2) in this idyllic and enchanting landscape. It is pretty amazing to see the mountain from a different angle even if you go the same way back. After your snowshoeing excursion in the Chavannes, make sure you reward yourself with a piping hot drink once you are back in the village.

Photo credit: Tourist office Les Gets