Merry go Round - An historic piece - Les Gets village centre

A tremendous amount of work has gone into renovating the oldest merry-go-round in France, which is now operational in the centre of the village.

The merry-go-round was made in 1871 and is the last operating merry-go-round to open to the public. It was restored with the help of public and private donations, enabling many skilled artisans to work on the renovation.

Such is the interest in this historic piece, that it has been subject of a number of television programs in France and even on TV1 main news. It has:

  • 7 fixed horses
  • 8 horses which move up and down
  • 4 pigs
  • 1 large lion
  • 2 gondolas
  • 2 boats

The organ is to a traditional design, but was made in 1990.