Karen - Inspire Studio - Pilates in your chalet - les Gets

Karen - Inspire Studio - Pilates in your chalet - les Gets

Karen is a local Health & Wellness Studio owner and Pilates teacher.  She offers private and small group Pilates classes in the comfort of your own chalet. 

Why not give yourself a gift while you are on holiday and have an hour to yourself where you can work with Karen on specific issues that you are having or just enjoy a flowing class that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Karen - Inspire Studio - Pilates in your chalet - les Gets

Pilates is fantastic for all different body types, with or without injuries.  You do not need to be flexible to do Pilates!  Why not treat yourself with a class where you can learn to move better with less pain and stiffness.  You will be gently encouraged to reach your movement potential whatever that may be, giving you more freedom in your life.

Whether you have done Pilates before or want to try something new on your holiday, Pilates is a fantastic way to support your love of everything outdoors and get you moving with fewer aches and pains.

Karen - Inspire Studio - Pilates in your chalet - les Gets

In private classes we have time just for you to

  • Develop your body awareness so that you are working in your ideal position
  • Take our time to work on specific movements to balance your body and increase flexibility
  • Discover how Pilates can help you build strength, reducing the risk of injury
  • Have the added benefit of hands on corrections
  • Strengthen your core to improve your balance and performance
  • Learn exercises that can help you to be more flexible and supple
  • Improve mobility to relieve stresses and strains on your body

Please contact Karen for information and availability for private classes.  Small group classes can also be organized in your Chalets 1066 accommodation depending on space available. If you have transport available to you it is possible to join a group class in Karen’s INSPIRE studio, located in Chatillon sur Cluses.

Classes are given in English.

Email: karen@inspirewellbeing.fr 

Tel: +33 (0)6 43 85 33 59