Snow report

Les Gets Snow Report 1994 - 95

No snow up to Christmas.  It rained all week in Les Gets to 1800 metres and looked like being a lousy season. However, on 30 December it turned to snow, and it snowed, and snowed, with breaks, but regularly for most of the winter, staying mainly cold except for one week in January, and exceptional snow conditions. Over 10 metres fell in Les gets, on a par with Canadian resorts!!

Les Gets Snow Report 1993 - 94

Excellent early snow in December made for what would look like a perfect season, but one of the most unpredictable elements of our planet was to play havoc with emotions leading up to Christmas. Good snow from 12-18 December left us with perfect conditions. From 19-21 December it rained non stop to 3000 meters and cleared the pistes below 2000 meters. It then snowed for 3 days non stop leaving almost 2 meters of fresh snow, just in time for the Christmas Saturday. More snow followed on a regular basis throughout the season. It snowed in Tignes almost non stop over New Year and high winds prevented people skiing, and it was cold. This was a time to be at a low resort.

Les Gets Snow Report 1992 - 93

Another mild winter, snowed in mid-December, but thereafter was mild. Les Gets suffered as in the third week of January temperatures reached 17°C and it rained non stop for 4 days from 2300 to 2800 meters altitude. No snow left below 1800 métres. It did pick up a little in February and did enable us to maintain something of a season.

Les Gets Snow Report 1991 - 92

The winter of the Olympic games. Cold and snowy, but not that convincing in early December, but on the 17th it snowed 2 metres in 4 days - this was followed by 2 weeks of sun, with ideal snow cover. Not bad. The winter had mild spells, but also snowy spells, a warm March, and generally could be termed an ideal winter.

Les Gets Snow Report 1990 - 91

Heavy snow in November ! ! Well, half a meter and cold. And more on 22, 23, 24, 25 which meant lifts could open on 25 November. A cold spell meant great skiing in early December and a Christmas assured of snow, at last. This winter, it stayed and snowed regularly enough to maintain the base and provide for good skiing until April.

Les Gets Snow Report 1989 - 90

A bitterly cold November ended on 16 December when it warmed up considerably and we all expected snow. Instead it rained for a week and at Christmas everywhere was bare except 3 runs in Avoriaz. The situation stayed terrible in January until 24th when it snowed a little, enough to open a couple of runs in Les Gets and a couple more in Avoriaz. No snow canons didn’t help and the Mayor was sacked in Les Gets for not understanding the situation, whilst employees were paid by social security as businesses floundered. The snow did pick up slightly in February, including one sunny week with good snow cover and temperatures of 16°C, but again, in the busiest week it poured with rain again, before snowing at the end. However, this time the snow was thin, although Avoriaz and the higher resorts had plenty now. It was also warm in March which led to dreadful quality snow. It snowed again quite a lot in April, but far too late to salvage an awful season. Very much a season for the higher resorts and it would take several years for lower resorts to regain their popularity.

Les Gets Snow Report 1988 - 89

Wet snow fell in the village on 1 December, more came later and it was cold and icy. By mid December there was 50 centimeters in the village. However, by New year the lower slopes were almost bare. It snowed lightly the first week in January, but then was dry and sunny for 6 weeks during which conditions became poor and led to many cancellations. Strangely, the week where people cancelled there was a substantial fall of snow and good conditions in mid February. However, the following week, the busiest of the season, it rained all week and washed away all the snow. End February and no snow. However, the next week produced 2 meters of perfect snow and the rest of the season went off quite well. It snowed a lot in April. The lifts closed on 16 April at Avoriaz in a blizzard, whilst conditions were still very good. Strange season.