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Les Gets Ski Area

Les Gets was rated by the Independent Newspaper as being the best family ski holiday resort in the world, with easy access to the Portes du Soleil area, we feel it offers something for everyone. 

Les Gets was also voted the Worlds best family ski holiday resort by the Sunday Telegraph in October 2009

The local Les gets ski area has 110 km of slopes, 53 lifts, 2 cable cars, 3 gondolas, 22 chairlifts, 25 drag lifts. The ski area of Les Gets can be divided into 4 parts : Mont-Chéry, Chavannes, Nyon, Le Pleney. 65 slopes covering all levels. From the Chavannes side you are directly on the Portes du Soleil ski area with 650km slopes - one ski pass covers 209 ski lifts.

On this page, we give a summary of the skiing area and also further down there is an article on a day's skiing in Les Gets.

Mont Chéry Side:

Mont Chéry offers beautiful scenery and probably the best panorama of the Mont Blanc chain in the whole area. Very sunny on one side of the mountain, and snow sure with delightful runs through the trees on the north facing side. Chéry noire, a bumpy black goes straight down, but there are also more leisurely routes leading to a delightful restaurant "Les Chanterelles" near the bottom.

Chavannes Side:

The Chavannes side is the most popular, there are a total of 56 lifts covering some 160 kilometers of pistes, and some great café’s and restaurants!

Access to Portes du Soleil:

The Les Folliets 4 man chair lift, enables Les Gets skiers to effectively join the Portes du Soleil circuit with just one lift. From the top you can ski to the bottom of Morzine and from there take either the navette bus to Les Prodains, or walk across the village to the Super Morzine gondola. You can be in the heart of the Portes du Soleil within 45 minutes. Coming back can go even quicker if all falls well and you know the route from Pleney (top of Morzine) back to the starting point.
Once in the Portes du Soleil circuit you will never tire of the range or area. With over 220 lifts and 600 kilometres of pistes, this ski range offers a variety and snow sure skiing to match anywhere in the world.


An Example of a great day's skiing in Les Gets:

Les Gets has very much its own identity. it has reliable snow, great and varied skiing, a wonderful atmosphere, and very beautiful and often stunning scenery. A long way removed in style from the purpose built resorts of France, the location and facilities help to make this possibly the outstanding all round ski resort in the French Alps which is why a Daily Mail (UK) journalist described it as the "hidden jewel of the Alps". Les Gets does not feature large tour operators, its clientele is a loyal and established, and growing all the time.

A Day on Blue Runs:

Some people love nothing better than to zoom down red and black runs , and whilst this is all a lot of fun for speed jockeys and thrill seekers, for many,  nothing can be better than a nice gentle meandering blue taking in the sights and perhaps giving less experienced skiers a chance to be part of the group.

We start by taking the main les gets chairlift - Chavannes express next to the red telecabine. Gather up the troops at the top and head for the Violettes on the right hand side , do not go charging down it straight away but stop just at the beginning of the piste . if you look to your left you will notice a little track , this is a lovely gentle shortcut that will cut out the crowds.

You will end up in the bowl area, head for the Rosta chair and on the ridge at the top grab out your cameras as there will be a great view of Mont Blanc to your right. Continue on this ridge, you need the Reine des Pres ( queen of the prairie) which is a lovely undulating run, head back to the Rosta and grab a hot chocolate at the self service restaurant on the left at the top. From here take the Campanule go past the Rosta chairlift and stay high up on the right hand side , as you are heading for the Nauchets ( if not you will grind to a halt) oh by the way this is an important charlift as you can ski all they back to Les Gets without stopping.

The next run is a favourite piste for children - some parents have stayed on this run all day with their children - the Choucas. it is a long winding run more of a green than a blue with lots of little tracks/ mini jumps through the trees at the sides, great little café half way down. If people want to take a break and others want to do a red/black this a good spot to do it, but be warned the red/black off the Chamossiere chairlift in front of the café are full on steep!

At the bottom of the Choucas there is a chairlift called the Troncs, take this and head for the Lievre (the hare) this can be hard to find, our suggestion is to head for a small restaurant called the Cornettes on the left hand side, go behind this and follow the track and take the right fork, this is a nice big open run. At the end of this go left under a tunnel beside the Pre Fauvre chairlift - take care not to miss this as you will end up having to take a gondola back up!

Take the Fys chairlift, as you can ski back to Les Gets without stopping. From here stay on the ridge and find piste B which is a great run into Morzine . Grab the gondola and turn right at the top to take the Belvedere chairlift. As you get off this go to the right down a small track and keeping right take the Crocus piste. This is not a great piste at the start but once you are under the tunnel you can really let fly on this straight section into the village, where you can now enjoy a well deserved apres drink!