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Walking in the Mountains

The mountains around Les Gets are accessible to all, there are easy walks within a few minutes of most chalets in Les Gets additionally there are more demanding walks, both technically and physically. Whilst the easy walks can be done without a guide, there are many benefits of an experienced mountain guide – in particular their knowledge of the flora and fauna and deep knowledge of the area and the routes.  

Starting with some of the easy walks: 

Les Gets to Le Ranfolly – this is a great walk for children, there is a beautiful lake and a restaurant which is open in the summer on the way. There are wonderful views to Switzerland from the restaurant. 

Mont Chery – there are many walks up and around Mont Chery from the village, the view of Mont Blanc is stunning. 

Lac Montriond – this is just a 15 minute drive away, to walk around the lake takes around one hour and there are restaurants at both ends!  

For the more adventurous, the following involve climbs of around 1000 m vertical:

Pointe de Ressachaux – A strong walk through the beech and spruce forests, when you get above the tree line, you have incredible views of the surrounding mountains. 

Col du Raty – With an early start this hike can be done in half a day.

Rock d’Enfer – This is  abundant with wildlife, hundreds of chamois, marmots, mouflon and many more - this is a perfect place to visit for animal lovers. 


The mountains around Les Gets have some fascinating wildlife, if you can spot it. Marmots are large squirrels who live in borrows and eat roots and leaves, the like to keep at leat 100m from. Humans. The Chamois are mountain goats, they are very well suited to living in the mountain conditions throughout the year. It is best to bring a telescope or binoculars to see these animals, and a mountain guide will be expert in knowing where they are and spotting them.