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Tour de France - Morzine stage finish 2016

Le Tour Stage 20 Finishes in Morzine on Saturday 23rd July 2016

We are delighted to have the final mountain stage in Morzine this year - potentially this will be the grand final for the yellow jersey.

The stage starts in Megeve, is 146km long and includes four mountain tops:

  • The first climb is Col des Aravis 21 kilometres in total.
  • The second climb is Col de la Colombière – starting on the easier eastern side, it averages 6% averaging around 6% for 12.5 kilometres.
  • After a long and sometimes fast descent, the riders eventually arrive at foot of Col de la Ramaz. This is slightly over 7% and 13,9 kilometres, however, the tenth kilometre is steepest at 11.5%.
  • The final climb is Col de Joux-Plane This starts at an average gradient of 8.5%. while the steepest kilometre – the tenth – is 10.5%.

The end in Morzine is expected to be very exciting and potentially who-ever holds the yellow jersey after this stage could well hold on to it ‘till the end of the Tour.

The You Tube video opposite is the famous 2006 stage finish in Morzine, this time starting from Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne. It has some great video of the Joux Plane, this is unfortunatley when Loyd Flandis took drugs - however - the video is excellent.

Opposite we also have a picture of when the stage finish was at Avoriaz, a few years ago, and the profile of this year's stage 20.

The Etape - 10th July 2016:

The Etape is the biggest challenge all amateur cyclists aim for, it is held every year and follows the route of one of the hardest stages of the Tour de France, it is organised by the same organisation as the Tour. The route follows the same climbs, the same villages and the same race conditions as The Tour. 15,000 participants are expected for 2016. All entrants train very hard for the event and to complete this is a real achievement, typically one quarter to one third of entrants are ‘swept up’ by the bus and are not able to complete it –such is the level of fitness needed.
This year, the Etape will follow the route of the Megeve to Morzine stage.
As we are located in Les Gets, just 10 minutes drive from the end of the Etape, we are very well located to support this. We are able to support both the event and also training for the event:

• Chalets1066 can provide accommodation with secure bike storage for the event.
• Ski Transfers can provide transport
• For training, either ourselves or Ski Transfers are able to have someone on standby in case anyone in your group ‘keels over’ and need to be picked up.

2010 Le Tour went through Les Gets...

On Sunday 11th July 2010, Stage 8 of The Tour went from Station des Rousses and finished at the mountain top of Morzine-Avoriaz, it went through the village of Les Gets. We watched the finish at Avoriaz, after some two hours of entertainment, the winners of the juniour race came through, then the pro's.

When we got back, we heard that Lance Armstrong had to dismount just outside Bar Bush in Les Gets - he almost crashed but managed to avoid this.

I (Mark) have ridden from the Chalet, down into Morzine and then up to Aviriaz many times - the climb is very much like Alp d'Huez - only around two thirds the height - and there are pleanty of coffee shops at the top!

Some of the famous Hors and Cat 1 local climbs include:

Col de Joux Plane

Col de la Colombiere

Col de Joux Verte

Col de Corbier

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