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Savings Exchanging Sterling for Euros


As we are a Euro based business, Sterling clients can potentially save money be securing the best possible exchange rate. However, this can be a complex process. Caxton FX have a simple solution.

Caxton FX Visa currency cards help thousands of travellers exchange currency at a competitive rate, provide a safe way to carry currency overseas and make it easy to exchange and access travel money – at home or abroad. Make your life easier and save yourself money with Caxton FX.
• Great exchange rates
• Load online, over the phone by SMS or with the Caxton FX app
• Free* to use in restaurants, shops, hotels and other outlets worldwide
• UK customer support team
Order your card today It'll arrive in the post within five days.
*Caxton FX does not charge a fee for international point of sale or international ATM transactions. However, some merchants or ATMs may do.

If you apply for a Caxton card on the same day you pay your deposit, you can then monitor exchange rates and 'load' money onto the card when the rate is at it's best and then pay your outstanding balance with the card.

To apply go to

Please note - if you do not have a CaxtonFX card now and wish to use this method of payment, it will be best to pay your deposit immediatley using one of the cards you have now - to secure your booking - and then pay the outstanding balance and all other euro holiday purchases with the card.

Please also note - this servce is provided by Caxton FX and customers should deal directly with Caxton FX for all matters associated with this.



“The very best card to take on holiday.” “The best pre-paid card is Caxton FX, which has no ATM charges or charges on purchases.”   “Caxton FX has made travelling easier”  Marina Henry

“I just wanted to say that after having the Caxton card for over three years now, I couldn't recommend a better service. The card is easy to load, easy to use and a great and secure improvement on carrying obscene amounts of cash on holiday. The exchange rates are far superior to any I've found with travel agents and the Post Office etc and, all in all, I think it's a fantastic service. Highly recommended to friends and family, and will certainly continue to use my account.”  Amy Cookson

“Wouldn't travel in Europe or the United States without my Caxton cards. As important in your pocket as your passport.”  Roger Easterby

“I was surprised at how easy it was to not only set up the account, but also how easy and simple it is to load the card along with the superb exchange rate you offer. It's a no-brainer really.”  Matt Coomber

“I have to commend the Caxton FX accounts we have used this year. They have been outstanding and so easy to use. Will be recommending them to anyone else heading off to foreign countries.”  Simon Call

Caxton FX services work like clockwork – check the rate, buy online and use card at destination. No problems, no hassle, no worries. The ‘team’ are extremely helpful when you call the office with a query. I tell all my friends, "Never mind the Post Office or M&S – use Caxton!!!”  Elsie Copland