10 February 2016

Les Gets - Get prepared for Valentine's Day

Love is in the alps, with just DAYS until the big love fest, I bet you singletons are feeling a little blue. Never fear, I have a list of loveable activities for the single pringles in town...invite your friends and show those smug couples how its done and you could even score yourself a hot date. Follow my suggestions and you'll have the best valentines day ever...that or end up in prison for harassment...either way.

  1. Take your 2 best friends on the Mont Chery romantic bubble. When they refuse the third person entry to the bubble, push the attendant into the following bubble and just like that - you've blagged yourself a date.
  2. Whilst still on Mont Chery side, wait for the love of your life to show up at the 2 person chair lift, when they do appear, trap them on the slow moving lift and use cheesy pick up lines until you win them over.
  3. Visit the snow park and time your jump perfectly so you plough into a poor passer by. You will literally fly into their arms.
  4. Treat your buddies to a K2 burger, because they are yummy and they're called love handles for a reason.
  5. Head to the town centre and grab some ice skates. Score points by breaking past couples holding hands, Bonus points to however many couples you knock over.
  6. Head to one of the many bars in Les Gets and drown your sorrows, because there is a slight possibility you will die alone with 40 cats.
  7. Pretend to be a complete beginner and ask your nearest ESF hottie to help you down the slopes.
  8. If all else fails, retreat to netflix and stream the most scary - slasher film ever, nothing says true love like Jeepers Creepers II.

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