30 December 2015

Les Gets - Chalets1066 is Preparing for New Year's Eve

Here at Chalets 1066 we are always looking forward to tomorrow and since tomorrow is a new year, we are busy preparing for the excitement 2016 will bring. And what better way to prepare than write our new year’s resolutions! Now we know for a fact that the one thing the new year will bring is snow, but what else does Chalets 1066 need to improve? We are of course, always open to suggestions, so take to Facebook and twitter to give us our resolutions. Here is what we have so far.

1.This year we will ski more
2. We will do the snow dance every morning
3. Joe - our custodian will continue to wear sparkly christmas hats - because they are very fetching
4. We will walk George the dog more and give him treats
5. More skiing
6. We will support the local businesses more by drinking hot chocolates and eating, for the good of the community of course.
7. Hermione - our chalet host at Le Lapye will become a resort wide famous chef - because her food is just THAT good.
8. Stevie - our head of admin will continue to spread joy through the window of reception
9. Alex - our second custodian will continue to perfect his hair, because presentation is always important.
10. Did we mention skiing?
11. We will keep Dexter the defender looking as beautiful as ever - and Alex will clean him weekly
12. Next christmas Morven will dress up as Santa and visit all the Chalets 1066 guests
13. And I - the chalet assistant will do my best to promote our new Instagram - did I mention you should follow us on Instagram? its Chalets1066 incase you're wondering.
14. Sue - the owner, manager and multitasking genius will take a holiday - because she deserves it.
15. And of course, we will continue to give an excellent service across Chalets 1066

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