Les Gets - Summer - Great time in the pump park

02 September 2013

I have really enjoyed myself in the pump park and using the air bag in Les Gets this summer – with my new mountain bike.
The pump park is not only a great way to practice skills, but is also really good for socialising with other English kids of my age (11 years ). In the daytime, most kids are out on the mountains, but in the evenings, the lifts are closed so most kids go to the pump park and this is a great place to make friends. One of the good things about the pump park is that it is free, but never seems to be too busy.

On the Pump Park, I have really improved my skills with burns, pumping the front suspension and also learning how to lean and to brake when approaching bends – I have found that I can take things at my own pace in the pump park and concentrate on where I need to improve my skills – so when I go out on the mountain, I can ride harder and faster and have more fun.
There is also an airbag in the middle of Les Gets, this costs €5 an hour or €10 a day, I have found that this is a great place to learn how to do jumps and to do tricks in the air without having any risk of injuries. There is a 6 foot (2 metre) ramp when you approach the airbag, you are then in the air and when you land it is like landing on a bed of feathers it is so soft.
Overall, I have found Les Gets to be a brilliant place for mountain biking and the pump park and air bag just make it even better.

Mani Lee in Les Gets

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