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New 7 seater 4 wheel drive for Chalet1066
Mark Sunday, 30 October 2011

After our summer manager had an accident in our vehicle (he was absolutely fine) we had to buy a new vehicle, fortunately, one of the other chalet owners in Les Gets was wanting to upgrade their vehicles so we have just acquired a 7 seater 4 wheel drive Chrysler Voyager – will be much more practical for taking clients around Les Gets.


Sue has quite an 'adventure' registering the car – the French have just introduced a new system for number plates, so when you a new car, the process you have to go through is now:

1. You first have to get an immatriculation – this is like the UK MOT – this has to be done for as part of the paperwork.

2. You then have to take the 'carte grise' (the vehicle registration document) with the immatriculation, to the local office, for Les Gets this is in Bonneville – around half an hours drive away.