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The Hidden Corners of the Chavannes Piste
Monday, 02 April 2012

The sun is Brilliant ! the Skiing is Brilliant ! My favourite piste is closed !
I am learning to ski and an now qualify myself as " not too bad " and so love to show off my colours ( you know .... i did a black run today ... Chamosiere or even the Yeti etc )
Truth be told, I am still much more comfortable on blues and the occasional reds. One of those red is La Tulipe, fabulous views over Mont Blanc and Dents du Midi at the top with great photo opportunities, scary scary beginning and then a magnificent wide piste ( we are talking very wide here ), the Wetzet in the middle ( restaurant and pipi room )

The Ranfoilly chair lift is closed at the moment so no views but the silver lining is that if you take the Mouille aux chats and go right, the narrow path will take you to Sauternelles, which is nice, but if you continue straight on will also take you to La Tulipe and you practically have the piste to yourself ( Wetzet included )

Another secret known to all "Les Gets Skiers " is the Freestyle nursery slope under the Chavannes express chairlift, 2 turns and several bumps ... great fun !

And last but not least there is a nursery slope for would be snowboarding jumpers, you need to take the Left Tire Fesses ( button lift ) at the Griffin near the red bubble, down the first part of the slope to where it crosses Bruyere then take a right past the trees ... the slope is parallel to the slope next to the button lift but past the trees and rejoins the main Bruyere piste so you can get back to the button lift

More secret pistes ? let us know !