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Lifts Open 9th December in Les Gets
Saturday, 09 December 2017

These pictures were all taken on Saturday 9th December. It was between minus 5 and minus 9 degrees C for most of the day. As the snow is so good, SAGETS are running, for this weekend, the main Chavannes Experss lift, the red bubble lifts, the  de la Croix lift and the drag lifts from the Chvannes mid station. Whilst the sky was heavy with more snow, the piste conditions were outstanding. Do take a look at the pictures taken below:

The Chvannes Express lift, at the bottom: 

chavannes express 640 1

The Chavannes Express:

chavannes express chairs 640 1

View of the piste, just below the Yeti Cafe, where you take either the blue to the right or the red to the left:

piste just below the yeti 640 1

The Les Gets sign, taken from the Chavannes Express lift:

les gets sign v2 640 1

View of the piste and village taken from the piste:

village view 640 1

The Les Folliets ski lift - which was not open - but some people has skied down the piste which was deep powder ( and the snow was over my knees to take this picture!):

les folliets ski lift 640 1

Taken from the road, by the golf course, you can just see the ( un-pisted) Bruyere piste.

by golf course 640 1

Taken from the Chavannes Road, just below the top, the snow ploughs were having to clear the roads all day:-

chavannes road v2 640 1

The Monument in the Village

monument in village 640 1

l'Optraken and the village:

optraken 640 1