New information about the Taxe de Sejour - Chalets1066

Taxe de sejour is the local tourist tax which all accommodation providers have to charge and pay to the local Town Hall. This money goes towards paying for the facilities in the village.

We are going through a transition in the way we charge tax de sejour. Up to  2019 this has been included in the rent, we are changing this so it is charged separately on a phased basis.  Where it is not included, the following explains how this is calculated:

There are two systems for calculating the rate. Where a property has not been rated ( and this applies to most we manage), the tax is calculated as follows:

Chalets and Apartments which have not been star rated:

  • The cost of the rent per person per day (total number of adults and children) is calculated at the total rent divided by the total number of adults and children and the total number of days of the holiday.
  • The tax is then only applied to adults, and the amount per adult is then calculated at 5% of the rent per day per adult on holiday.
  • The tax is capped at 2.3 euros per adult per day.

This means that a group of 2 adults and 4 children will pay far less than a group of 6 adults.

To give an example, if the rent is € 2400  for a week, and there are 5 people, this is € 60 per night per person. 5% of this is €3 per night, so the cap of 2.3 euros applies. If the group is 2 adults, then the tax is € 32.20 for the week. If there are 5 adults, then the tax is € 80.50 for the week.

Please note, the decision to have a property star rated or not is nothing to do with the quality of the property, this is a process involving inspection of the property against 120 criteria and a lot of cost and work is involved in this.

Chalets and Apartments which do have a star rating

However, we have some properties which have been officially given a star rating, when this is the case, the tax rates are:

  • 1 Star – 0.8 euros per night per adult
  • 2 Star – 0.9 euros per night per adult
  • 3 Star – 1.5 euros per night per adult 
  • 4 Star – 2.3 euros per night per adult
  • 5 Star – 3.0 euros per night per adult

Please do ask if you have any questions.