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Ski Groups Les Gets

We can Accommodate Large Ski Groups - Please ask and we will be creative in working out how we can meet your needs.

We have a number of Chalets and apartments which are all very close and we can arrange for flexible use of the accommodation - for example a large group will often use one Chalet/Apartments living area as a dining room for (say) 20 people and have two other living areas - one used mainly by adults the other mainly by children - please ask and we will be creative in working out how we can meet your needs.

Whilst it is nice being part of a ski group, sometimes you want your own space - being in the same building or in a nearby chalet yet close together with your ski group gives you the advantages of both.

The Chalets and Apartments which are close to each other (within 5 minutes walk), on the Chavannes Road, are:-

  • Chalet Hastings - with 4 apartments (two large 4 bedroom apartments - Bayeux and Wessex, a three bedroom apartment - Edith and a two bedroom apartment - La Fleche). Chalet Hastings has a shared sauna and boot room.
  • Chalet Senlac - a substancial 4 bedroom Chalet
  • Chalet Chavannes - a three bedroom Chalet
  • Chalet Le Lapye - which we run as a Catered Chalet in the Ski Season.
  • Chlaet Panda – a comfortable 2 bedroom Chalet

Chalet Hastings is particularly well suited to large groups, for example, one living room can be used as a large dining room for the whole group, a second living room for children's activities and another for where the adults. If your children are young, you can put the children to bed upstairs whilst you enjoy a nice drink or film around the fire in winter (or on the terrace/balcony in summer) downstairs! We have had some groups rent two, three or even four apartments in Chalet Hastings, four apartments can accommodate as many as 30 people in comfort, a little more if needed.

For entertainment, as each group ski chalet or group ski apartment has a DVD player, some groups will have a different films being shown in each of our ski apartments and ski chalets - for different ages or interests.